Our Team

Mr Abish Mohamed

Beyond the technology, besides the specialists. There is magic of a Visionary.

Mr. Abish Mohamed is a dynamic and prolific visionary entrepreneur who has worked tirelessly towards the progress of business and people alike.

He has an inherent passion for excellence in creativity and operations.

Under the leadership of Mr.Abish, Topmost Group has established itself as one of the best business house globally.

Throughout this growth, he has endeavoured to perpetually drive the market, not be driven by it. His guiding principle is, 'change the market before it changes you'.

As per him, there are a few things that will, 'God willing' not change - namely our passion for client service, our commitment to ultimate quality and our concern for the society in which we operate.

Mrs. Nisha Hassan
DR. ALTHAF MOHAMED Director - Topmost Group

A dedicated doctor by profession, an entrepreneur by passion, and honourable Chairman of educational society in home town.

His vision and hard work has a pivotal role in establishing Topmost Dentals as one of the preferred destinations for Dental care.

As a director of SAMKIDS he plays an important role especially in our future expansions with his driving philosophy "CELEBRATE SUCCESS ONLY WHEN YOU ARE THE BEST VERSION OF SUCCESS"


Mr. Saji Thomas, an ardent financial professional is jointly responsible for the finance and overall strategic management of the group.

With the wide spectrum of contribution, Mr. Saji Thomas have added to the accelerated advancement of the group and its subsidiaries.

Through his dedication and gregarious nature he has supported all the functional teams to bolster the business and operational policies.

He has received his Masters in Business administration and Masters in Finance.

His 20+ years of experience with multinationals reflects In the comprehensive experience in Business banking, risk management, market assessment, credit evaluation and debt analysis.

Mrs. Nisha Hassan
Mrs. Nisha Hassan CEO - SAMKIDS

Started working with Samkids in the year 2015

Took charge as CEO of Samkids International Preschool in the year 2016-17

Took initiative to launch the GO GREEN Campaign in all centres

Launched the REDATHON Campaign in skips in the year 2016

Keen on introducing new concepts in Preschool education


He is a natural leader whose pragmatic outlook of life is strongly rooted in integrity and ethics, both personal and professional. He believes in the vision that accomplishing the excellence and quality are not an end to itself but means to attain magnificent laurels by improving upon each time and you have to surpass it. He thus harbingers the concept of 'dynamic' goals creating a new magnum opus every time.

The lynchpin of his professional philosophy deciphering his vision is that while accentuating the superiority of having an impeccable system in place, his religion deeply footholds in the empowerment of people which he emphasises as the 'game changer' of any magnanimous organisation. He calls them as 'organic organisations' and actively invents and reinvents the organic designs of teams and organisations where the blend of people and processes are perfectly balanced.

His 17 plus years' professional merit, with a commendable expertise in the shipping and logistics domain and spanning multiple management and leadership roles, is hallmarked with his competency and continuous performance delivery to exceed the targets and redefining the paradigms.

His domain expertise in shipping and logistics - end to end knowledge from designing the systems to develop and implement the standard operating procedures exceeding the defined performance norms- has given a spearheaded growth for Topmost Shipping in the ever changing industrial arena. His anchor role in the division, organically collaborating different people and processes while preserving the values, has made his team to sail through the challenging tides and conquer new oceans.

He accolades the achievements of the division to the efforts of each member in his team and acknowledges that strategically he treats his division as a rendezvous of entrepreneurship for each of his teammates.

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