SAM Kids International Preschool has been growing steadily in strength since its inception in 2010.

The growing demand for fresh admissions as well as the retaining of our kids are indicative of the confidence reposed in SAM Kids International Preschool in addressing the six domains of child development, namely: Creative, Physical (fine motor & gross motor), Social-emotional-personal, Language – Listening / Speaking / Reading / Writing (LSRW), Mathematical, and General Knowledge of the world.

At SAM Kids International Preschool, we share the important goal of instilling a love of learning in each child at an early age. By guiding our students through both planned and spontaneous learning adventures, we challenge them to grow and develop in ways that are enjoyable. We believe, that:

  • Education should be challenging and joyful.
  • A caring family atmosphere is crucial to the learning process.
  • Children learn best when they are actively involved.

As against the generally practiced one-step ‘telling’ and memorization, we address the needs of different types of learners through a multi-step process of learning, guided by the ‘XSEED’ Curriculum.
In our endeavour to empower our children through a constructive approach, we help them experience and explore academic activities in a fun way while enhancing their cognitive, linguistic, physical, mathematical, social and emotional skills.
Furthermore, in order to continue providing a fun learning experience for our pre-schoolers without compromising on the quality of our standards. We have further strengthened our academic faculty,to add additional care and attention to our young ones, with the arrangement of Governesses and Academic Executives and centre teacher Co-ordinators for the new academic year.

We thereby, provide an opportunity for our faculties to be proactive and progress in their career and personality development within the institution. We at SAM Kids International Preschool, aim to have the highest standards of learning for the young minds with the vision of preparing a responsible, morally and ethically valued and winning generation for the 21st century.