We are a company of great diversity with facilities and manpower operating in multiple geographies, harmoniously blending a vast array of skills, talent and expertise. Founded in 2004 at Dubai, UAE, by the visionary Mr. Abish Mohamed who had recognized the business opportunities in some of our operating areas much ahead of time, Topmost Group has come a long way from our traditional Distribution business to dominate Education and Healthcare, adapting technology and modern business practices.

Topmost Group offers the best-in class services, using state-of-the-art technology as well as over 400 employees, maximizing customer value and sustainable development across the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.




Other Strengths

  • A best-in class logistic and warehouse management system, developed in-house by group firm, Topmost Shipping LLC, and 100% usage of WCA (World Cargo Association) agents
  • Worldwide network of WCA members especially throughout Africa
  • Status of a Master Distributor for SanDisk & WD in Africa
  • Central warehouse in UAE to cater the continent
  • Physical presence in North Africa
  • One of the highest resource allocations for in-country sales & marketing in MENA

Our strategy is highly geared towards long-term profitable growth, lucrative business relationships, expansion and diversification of our clients. Naturally, over the last a decade or so, we have grown across all business regions, gaining valuable business relationships and reputation for successful delivery of our products and services. At present, we are expanding our services to Far East and Americas through strong partners.


To be a Group known for its technological prowess, competence, innovation and people power


To deliver our services in the most professional, qualitative and gratifying manner, meeting the utmost expectations of our customers and helping them improve their business, profitability and growth.